Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wellness Tuesdays

Yesterday I attended a one year birthday party for St Mungo;s Wellness day which is run by Jeanette who so clearly loves what she is doing and works from her heart. It is hard to believe that the wellness day has only been going for a year !

A few months back I received an email from a friend asking me to connect with the centre as they needed more volunteer therapists. We have since connected the wellness day with some volunteer healers, Melanie, Moira and Mercedes.

I have been meaning to get there and their birthday party was the ideal excuse to finally make my way South of the Thames !  Oh boy, I am sure pleased that I did and this will be one of many visits for sure.

Who ever would have known such a beautiful and peaceful space with a working garden (used by a St Mungo's gardening project with homeless people) was beyond the big black iron gates, completely hidden from the road. I sure had a good time. The room was filled to the brim with talent, community spirit, chatter and laughter from the service users and volunteers. It was impossible to actually know who was a service user and who was a volunteer. We had singing, poetry, guitar playing, a film made by the service users, laughter yoga, arts and crafts, a buffet for lunch, help yourself refreshments and an overflowing healing list so I helped with offering Reiki treatments which was really special for me. They had two perfectly kitted out healing rooms, plus an additional small therapy room. I noticed a massage chair although they do not currently have a volunteer offering massage !

It was great to see Moira who really gets stuck in with a mixture of chatting to the guests (service users) , offering Reiki treatments and getting creative with the arts and crafts. I finally connected in person with Mercedes who is a member of my online facebook group London Reiki and Energy Healers,

It was fantastic to finally meet Mercedes who was busy all day in one of the therapy rooms so I only got to connect with her personally at the end of the day. Such a lovely shining light. Moira, Mercedes and I had a lovely late afternoon chatting about spirituality, healing and more. So much synchronicity which ended up with the lovely Mercedes gifting me a Doreen Virtue book which is exactly what I need right now ! Thanks you Mercedes. For a little more synchronicity, the lovely Elie offering laughter yoga was actually a friend of a friend !

The lovely Jeanette has kept me in touch with how things are going and she is so grateful to the helpers, including Melonie who helped out over the xmas holidays, The holistic Angels, as I like to call them really make a difference to peoples lives. Such an amazing space and the service users absolutely love receiving healing. When I chatted to Mercedes she mentioned how lovely it was to see the progress in people from week to week and to actually witness how the healing is helping.

Such an awesome day, such an awesome place and so very much needed. The atmosphere and community spirit is what was so special for me. I just loved chatting and getting to know the lovely people from all walks of life who you could see were just loving the service and it was wonderful to offer some healing treatments. I personally felt right at home there and cant wait to go again. .

If you have anything that you would like to offer on a Tuesday at the Wellness day which is near Clapham Common, please get in touch via our volunteers application and I will connect you. They do need qualified therapists, massage, something creative or perhaps you have an idea of something else you would love to offer. Some things that spring to mind are Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation etc: which I am sure will be well received. Please fill out our volunteers application at

For more information about St Mungo's Broadway and their services please visit

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