Friday, 9 January 2015

Freedom or Homeless

Had an interesting day yesterday when speaking to a homeless man. I offered him some gloves and he very proudly pointed to his Army Gloves and he mentioned that he was an ex servicemen. He said that people often assume he is homeless when he is actually just FREE ! I completely understand his point and he was sat on the front bench outside a church with his worldly belongings around him, a duvet over him and he told me that was his home just there and he felt FREE and happy, and proud that he was not part of the system.

He loved the quiet life and given the choice to be in a room sleeping with 15 others, he chose his home there on the front steps of the church which despite a deafening ambulance siren passing by he assured me was quiet at night and it was quite clearly spacious. He was used to the cold which he did not fear ! He said food was usually plentiful there with many people dropping food off, so much that he would often share with others. He then almost forced me to take a bag of crisps from him. I had to assure him that I had just eaten :-)

He spoke of LOVE and helping others, also of Angels which was quite relevant being that he was sat in The Angel area of North London !. It seems his bench is somewhat of a therapy bench where many sit and chat about their problems, and it would seem gaining from his big heart and wisdom. A truly inspirational character and one that many can learn from.

It was indeed my privilege to have met and chatted to this lovely man of the light. He talked of his personal best in terms of surviving extreme cold conditions which was some ridiculous and unthinkable below freezing number which escapes me and also that he had once gone without food for 7 days. He has clearly acclimatised to these harsh conditions and it his choice to live in this way, all in the name of FREEDOM. However, I do feel he is a minority though as many find themselves on the streets, not of choice and the importance of getting them off the streets as quickly as possible, where that is their choice is crucial. It is not all bad on the streets and there is an incredible sense of community out there, something that is so needed in our everyday society.  For those who choose this way of life, who are we to dictate otherwise and I ask myself who is actually happier us living in the system with tax, bills, the need for money, jobs that we may not be happy in which we stay in, stress, the fear and worry of not having enough money to pay the bills, rent blah blah blah ?

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