Sunday, 14 December 2014

Spiritual Action - Acts of Kindness in 2014

London Spiritual Socials Xmas Gift Homeless Walk

With our Xmas Gift Homeless walk drawing near, the kindness and generosity of friends and members, family and complete strangers has never ceased to amaze me !

I have had deliveries to my home from a few lovely ladies in my local area with gifts for our xmas walk. This was in response to my posting to the local area ! One of them has also asked me for a list of items as she is preparing a rucksack for another walk. 

Today was a very busy day for deliveries with my sister arriving first with a very large hatchback car filled to the brim with everything from healthy granola cereal, to shampoo to body wipes. Huge boxes and bags bursting with goodies. My other sister has donated these items which are the overs from her event goodie bags ! That sure is a lot of overs. 

I have been emailing a few night shelters and soup kitchens to see if they can make use of the Granola cereal and we will offer some out on the streets too. The body wipes are a godsend, so desperately needed especially for those who do not have access to the night shelter ! I thankfully have 3, possibly 4 helpers on Wednesday who can help carry these items into central London from my home. I suspect that it will require many trips though. I also have the emergency foil blankets which I purchased from our fundraising kitty which is now down to ZERO ! Be prepared to see a sea of foil along the Strand in Charing Cross which will hopefully keep many people frost free.

We have also recently acquired a stock of The Pavement magazine which is a magazine for homeless people with all sorts of really useful information, articles and lists of soup kitchens, night shelters and other services which can improve their lives. This magazine is a godsend for new arrivals on the streets of London. Pavement Magazine is run by volunteers and relies totally on donations. Please help support this worthy cause . They also run courses to help homeless people gain new skills and confidence. 

I got chatting to a homeless guy in Camden on Friday whilst I was waiting to meet up up with Lorella, another friend and member of the group. He was explaining to me how he has only just got access to the night shelter due to the fact that  he has been sleeping rough in the area for 7 months. If you don't have links to the area then you can't have access to the shelter. He left the area that he was living in due to a relationship breakdown which seems to be a very common cause out there on the streets. Thankfully I had a few bits in my bag and he was really pleased to receive a pair of warm gloves.

This evening Niamh delivered to my home a huge red santa sack of presents for our homeless drop all wrapped and ready to go. She very kindly left a box at her work for her colleagues to contribute to our walk and contribute they did, just incredible. It was a real pleasure for me to offer a mini gong bath as a thank you which seemed to go down a treat.

The big day is on Wednesday where we have a larger than usual group to try and get as many pressies etc out there on the night.

Really looking forward to this and we will post an update and maybe a few photos to the blog after the event.

Once more a Huge Thank you to all our kind and generous members and supporters. Also a massive thank you to our homeless walkers who turn up laden with goods whatever the weather to join us in what I can best describe as Spiritual Action !

Being of Service- Spiritual Action

This year has certainly been a year for being of service and I feel that we really have helped to make a difference.

Thanks also to all our friends and members who have selflessly helped to make a difference to so many people. Our Holistic Angels have helped St Mungo's Broadway with their Wellness Days and Richard House Children's Hospice with their Mums Pampering days. Way to go. Big Big Gratitude to you all.

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