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Gong Bath - The Ultimate De-Stress and Relaxation Event 19th December Euston London

Anyone for a Gong Bath or two ?

The Power of the Gong and when it gets you , oh believe you me it gets you.

I first heard of a Gong Bath when I applied to visit Gaunts House Community as a prospective member a few years ago and was invited to visit for a weekend. I very excitedly looked through the itinerary and to my horror were the words Gong Bath ! I had visions of some sort of weirdo hippy group bath so it was time to ask Master Google. I now had more of an idea what it was about and I sure was pleasantly surprised.

I was not to be disappointed as , a hippy dude artist and musician by the name of Stu was Gong Master. Stu pictured below !

This was the start of my Love for the Gong although back then I would never have imagined a few years later that I too would be a gong player.

I have never quite experienced anything like it, the gong just put me into a deep trance like state of super beyond words relaxation and I would literally float away, away form the room, away from any worries to a state of bliss. A truly deep and powerful experience for me and exactly what I needed.

Several years later and after many many gong baths, I have experienced some profound gong sessions in particular with my visits to Clophill  this year and I think that is when it really got me big time. At the time of my visit, I felt very drawn to the power of sound anyway and was thinking about getting a drum and had even begun looking for a Reiki Drum course. My head was saying DRUM, for so many reasons, nice , small, easy to carry and transport, powerful, very powerful but my Heart was drawing me to the GONG, the Gong was calling and I just knew that the Gong was to be a part of my path.  

I had one Gong session at Clophill with Roz in an underground chamber where a ley line runs through so a real power spot. There was a point where I could no longer hear the gong but what I heard were Church Bells which was a really strange experience because the Gong had never sounded like that previously. I was the only person during that session who had heard the Church Bells although at a later gong bath in the underground chamber another person had also heard the church bells and she too was seated where I was !

I now am the proud owner of my own Paiste Gong. I found Sheila Whittaker who came really highly recommended was running an intensive gong training weekend in Devon and I was off there like a shot. I know this is just the beginning of a new journey for me and I look forward to introducing the Gong into my healing work in the New Year where I will be offering personal gong baths with Reiki.

Back to Gaunts House, my friend Michelle is now over in London to offer our group Gong Baths in December. We have a small and delightful venue which is very cosy, just like we like things. Small and close up session with the powerful Gong.

Gong Bath in London Euston 19th December 2014 with Gong Master Michelle Treadwell

To book for Friday 19th Gong Bath please visit

Just one space for the 18th

For Energy Healing and Personal Gong Baths starting in the New Year, please visit my personal website via Healing with Odette

What is a Gong Bath

A gong bath is a relaxing and blissful experience. The term "gong bath" means that you are bathed in sound waves, there are no clothes removed or water involved, you simply lie down on mats, wrap yourself in a blanket and your head on a pillow, close your eyes and relax. The gongs are played for an hour.
The sounds that come out of the gongs are very unfathomable and very difficult for the human brain to follow, this results in surrender, and you will drift into a deep meditative state, this can happen once or many times throughout a session, everyone can have a different experience. Every session is different.
The gong bath is very good at relieving stress. It tends to bring people to a blissful state that can often last for many days.

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