Friday, 16 May 2014

London Spiritual Community Picnic & Gathering on 18th May

London Spiritual Community Picnic & Gathering on 18th May - Highgate Wood
Bring & Share
Hey London Spiritual Friends. We have a scorcher this weekend. How about joining us for a bring and Share Picnic with Spiritual Friends. 
We are a non denominational group. A diverse bunch of beautiful spiritual souls with interests such as Meditation, Healing, Personal Development, Consciousness, Mediumship, Tarot and so much more. 
Spring is with us now and it's time to celebrate with a FREE Community Gathering at Highgate Woods. North London's very own ancient woodland.
Spring Gathering 
Highgate Wood is 28 hectares of ancient woodland. It is a haven for wildlife and provides numerous easily accessible and scenic woodland trails. The Sports Ground, located in an opening in the Wood, provides a picturesque and rural backdrop, as well as top quality turf. There is an excellent playground, a renowned café, an information hut with booklets, newsletters and trail guides and well maintained toilet facilities.
We are going to have a wonderful chilled afternoon with time to bond, play, meditate and for the musicians amongst us Play Music, for the Singers amongst us Sing Songs, perhaps we can all find our voice, for some chanting :-)
We Welcome drums, singing bowls, Native American Flutes, Rattles , if you play it and can carry it please do bring it along to share the beauty of music. Frisbees, Crayons, Sketching pads, bring it all and lets have some fun.  
Oh and last of all don't forget to bring a PICNIC and perhaps something to share too. We love to share :-)
Spiritual/Personal Development Book Swap 
Got any Spiritual/Personal Development books that are surplus to requirements ? Why not bring a book or two along and be part of our Book Swap. A great opportunity to share and swap a book that you have read or perhaps its one that is just not working for you.  
We look forward to a fun afternoon to Grow, Share, Care and Play.
Hippies Welcome :-)

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