Friday, 4 April 2014

Yoga Mats for Homeless people in London

Anyone for Yoga ? or perhaps just a Yoga Mat please 

Have you got a spare yoga mat, preferably similar to the one in this picture with carry straps ?

A yoga mat is ideal for Homeless People because it is very light weight and portable. On cold days and nights, it can serve as a barrier between the person and the ground. Clothes and toiletries can be rolled up inside the mat.

Do you know of anyone in the Yoga business who may wish to donate some mats for us to distribute on our next London Homeless walk ?

Either join us at our next homeless walk in London or if you prefer you can just drop a mat off at the start of the homeless walk.

Please let me know if you know anyone in the Yoga Business who may be able to help with our request. I am aware that mats are often refreshed, even some used ones would help. 

Email us via if you can help or know anyone who can.

There are other items that are needed too. Also if you have any contacts who can help us with centrally located Storage for us to store items ready for our Homeless Walks that will be so very much appreciated.

Yoga Mats

Socks, Glove, Wooly Hats, underwear
Blankets & Sleeping Bags
Basic refreshment consumables such as teas, coffees, soft drinks etc Razors, Deodorants, Wet Wipes in particular small sizes that are easy to carry
Monetary Donations to help us purchase any of the above
Backpacks or Rucksacks 

Join us via our meetup group if you wish to get more involved.

Have a fab day. Love, Peace and Blessings XXX

Odette and Marta

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