Monday, 7 April 2014

URGENT Help Save this Calf. 9 days to Slaughter and you can help save him.

Only 9 days left to save this beautiful animal and your help will save many more in the future too.

I am sharing this like crazy, I so want to help save this calf. The people involved in this organisation are friends of my friend Stuart who I know from Gaunts House. 
This is really URGENT and if everyone could just give a few quid, I know we can do it but it needs us all to do just a little. What is a few quid worth to you, perhaps you can go without a  coffee today, thats a few quids worth. Come on PLEASE PLEASE help. We can do it TOGETHER.
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Help us get this field, we are so close...Help us save the bullock who is destined for the meat industry, a lifelong friend for our much loved "Gevan"
We are a small family run unit working hard to make a difference. We run a vegan cafe and an online website to fund our sanctuary, with no outside help. 
We have raised 3,000 from other fundraising that has secured the deposit ( non refundable) but NEED your help before the dream field FOR the rescues slips away
We started this plea a few months ago simply because calfsanctuary is on rented land and we feel it is time to try and secure a permanent place where our rescues would be safe no matter what happened to us.
Our campaign was doing well and we had hoped to raise a good deposit by the end of the summer and have the seasons summer trading behind us to secure a small field.
The bank had verbally agreed figures for a loan and we were working towards that goal....However unexpectedly two things came up, a field at a great price and a new rescue that could be gevans soul mate for the rest of her days ( gevan is a highland cow that has a foot condition, that we rescued from slaughter last year)... 
My bank manager was on his holidays ( seems like they have more time off than they work lol ) So under pressure i secured the land with the funds raised so far in the form of a non refundable deposit.
The bank manager sadly will not up the overdraft for the shortfall, as they want me to commit to loans over longer time periods which involves getting valuations done and in my eyes wasting both time and money at our expence.
So there is a shortfall of around 3-4,000 then theres the moo cow rescue....But i have faith that TOGETHER we can make this dream come true.
If we can raise this money the land purchasde will go ahead and we will have an overdraft only on it which we will work like heck to clear...I am getting no younger and i want to know that calf rescues will be safe no matter if i leave this journey..
Calf has worked very hard and not only to we rescue these animals we use their stories told through us to help raise awareness.
PLEASE HELP US GET THIS DREAM....we have less than 21 days to complete.
Once we get near to this goal i will make calls to the bullock owners and secure his life also...

Please HELP and Share with those who can too. Just a few quid and we can do it. 9 Days ONLY 

Thank you beautiful people. Much Love XXX

LATEST URGENT UPDATE The past few months have...
The past few months have been pretty manic with so much going on, but here is a foreverfield update 
( A brief stoty for those who are not aware)
As many of you may know we started looking for a safe piece of land for calf rescues as we fear we may not get our contract renewed on our present home/land.
We approached the bank and got a verbal agreement.
A 4 acre field came to auction and i called the bank, the manager was on holiday ( arrrgggg)
So we went to the auction just to watch, however the land went for such a bargain price we bid and got the land.
A deposit of 2500 went down ( raised from cafe and online donations) which was non refundable.
We only need to up our overdraft another 5,000 along with every penny we could scrape together, thinking WOW its almost 20,000 less than what the bank agreed to lend me i will have no problem.
Sadly on the managers return he would not up my limit unless i agreed to get properties valued. Which to me was a total waste of time and money for the small raise i needed.
WE started this plea online and in our cafe and needed to raise 5,000 being the land shortfall.
Then out of the blue this boy appeared and gave us even more reason to get the field and also save his life and be a friend to our lonely gevan.
The totals raised to date
Go Fund Me ~1160 ( showing as 1300 but 150 of that was in last months total used for land deposit)
Safe land appeal ~ 240.00
One off donations via online and cafe ~ 1587.49
Cheques via cafe and online ~ 303.00
Raffles~ 133.00
Auctions 191.50
Carrie ~ loaned us 1000.00
Bringing the grandtotal to 4585.00..
Now heres where the hard part comes in...
Then on top of that we NEED for the bullock...He will be sold as of body weight as if he were to be killed :0(
32 per kilo....His dead weight price will be 680.00 plus transport of £100 ~ 780.00
£1195.00 in 10 DAYS
Please note we have used up all reserves and all savings to make this happen, so really do NEED your help to get to this goal now.
We SPEAK for the animals and if this comes off the land will be a FOREVER FIELD ~ a safe haven for calf rescues even after we have gone from this journey.
HELP build a dream that will live on for years to come.

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