Wednesday, 5 February 2014

London Bridge to Greenwich Foot Tunnel - London Spiritual Walkers

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On 16th February we have our first walk of 2014 !!!
We will be walking a part of the Thames that I don't usually get to so I am really looking forward to this. The furtherst East I have ever headed on the Thames is probably St Katherines Dock which is of course a stunningly beautiful spot. 
I went out in preparation for the walk yesterday and it's been quite a few years since I've been to St Katherines and it was so good to be there again. I had forgotten how stunning the area is. It truly is a very special part of London.
I sat in the Starbucks Dome enjoying a coffee and just admiring the incredible view. It's was strange to think that I was in London and not some far off marina near the seaside.
Here are a few pictures that I actually took from within Starbucks.

London Bridge to Greenwich Foot Tunnel
We will be following the Thames Path Walk, Tower Bridge to Greenwich which is around 5 miles via the North Bank.
The walk starts at London Bridge and finishes at Greenwich Foot Tunnel. 
If we take the South Bank then we have an 11 mile walk !!! 
The Walk
Welcome to a stretch of the River Thames that's full of East End character, where the views are superb and the pubs alone are worth the walk.

Enjoy a stroll along the Thames Path as it winds its way through some of the most evocative spots on the historic riverbank, from Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs to the home of the Mayflower and the glorious Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site.

You'll pass the places where pirates hung in chains; where Turner painted and Dickens set his scenes; where Brunel tasted his first success and most bitter failure and where dockers 'grafted' until their backs bled. This section traces the rise, fall and resurrection of London's great docks, which traded widely with the Empire and the world and bore the brunt of the Blitz in the Second World War. Largely silent since the 1960s, they are born again with warehouses converted to apartments and cafes and new housing now lining once-busy wharves.

Contemporary life has also made its mark in the striking form of Canary Wharf's towers, the Millennium Dome and the Thames Barrier - the official end of the National Trail. 
For further information on this walk and how to book click on the link
Also join us via our meetup link if you wish to be kept in the loop with all our future events.
As with most of our events, the social element is of the utmost importance and we will be meeting for refreshments and socialising at the start of our walk. For those who wish we will find somewhere to end the afternoon in the same way, perhaps a coffee shop or a pub.  We generally go with the flow.
I highly recommend that you bring a camera. There will be ample time to take photos because our walks are always at a very leisurely pace allowing conversation and time to enjoy our surroundings. 
Here's a few photos I took yesterday whilst I was in the area preparing for our Group Walk.
Love, Peace and Blessings 
Odette - Group Founder 
The Shard

Tower Bridge in the distance

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

St Katherines Dock


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