Saturday, 8 February 2014

London Spiritual Events & Social Group - London Spiritual Walking Group ( Our Vision for 2014 and beyond )

Spirituality in London is alive and well. Our groups only started late summer 2013 but within that short space of time our Spiritual Community is growing with almost 600 members across the board. We bring to you Spirituality and Walking with London's first Spiritual Walking meetup group and London Spiritual Socialising Group aka LSEAS for London Spiritual Events and Socials. For that longer connection why not take a longer trip with Spiritual Friends Days out, Weekends away and Spiritual Retreats !!!

LSEAS - London Spiritual Events and Socialising Group


Our Spiritual Community - My Vision for 2014 and beyond....

As some of you may know, I run some Spiritual Meetup Groups, London Spiritual Walkers , London Spiritual Events and Socials and another for longer trips away with the main aim to bring together London's Spiritual Community on a social level to enjoy various activities including walking , meditation , healing and more.... My work is in connecting people and I have finally realised that this is essentially what I am here to do !!!

I started the first group late summer 2013 when I realised there was a great need for a group like this, where the Social element was the main focus and here we have the start of a Spiritual Community where many friendships have already formed. We are a fairly new group so the way ahead is still unfolding and beginning to present itself to me but here you have my current vision.

Essentially we are a group of authentic heart centred and giving individuals and with that comes the desire to be of service which brings a fantastic opportunity for us to come together as a group to make a difference, hence our fundraising projects.

Last year I was in involved in the creation of a project to raise money for the Philippine Disaster Appeal - Holistic Fundraisers. A team of incredible people were brought together and we raised an incredible £1200 within just a 3 week turnaround !!!

This year my Heart is pulling me towards helping London's Homeless. This will be our first project for 2014 - 'It's Cold out There !!!' We will start by spreading the warmth on our Homeless Walks by offering much needed items and friendly conversation.

As part of this project I would like to raise funds to purchase sleeping bags for distribution on our homeless walks. This is still in the planning.

This month we have an incredibly varied cocktail of spiritual delights, including a social gathering, a night at the opera, a walk along the Thames Pathway and a Homeless walk !!!

For more information about our group visit and for a full calendar of our events

We look forward to welcoming you to our groups and connecting with you....

Love, Peace and Blessings XXX

London Spiritual Socialising Group - Most of our events will be advertised here

Our Walking - Hiking Group - London Spiritual Walkers

Our longer trips and Spritual Retreats

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