Monday, 14 October 2013

Spiritual Book Swap with London Spiritual Socials

Super day with great company at our very first Spiritual Book Swap.

After the morning Bloomsbury Walk we had event number two so it was  off to The South Bank for our Spiritual Book Swap.  The original plan was to find a space in The South Bank Centre but as the weather was so good we opted for finding a green outdoor spot.

We were blessed with incredible warm and sunny weather. The universe was certainly looking after us for what turned out to be an incredible Sunday morning and afternoon with London Spiritual Socials LSEAS and London Spiritual Walkers.

The idea was for us to bring along a spiritual or self help books that we were ready to part with and randomly swap them in some way so that we would take home another.

We enjoyed conversations about books and spirituality in general. A really enjoyable day with a great group of new friends.

We were also delighted to receive two very special signed books for the swap written by one of our members Maria Veiga.

For more information about Maria and to purchase a copy of her book please visit

The first of the reviews and feedback are beginning to filter through and they are clearly very positive to say the least !!!  I am really looking forward to reading my copy :-) Thank you Maria. XXX

In this illuminating book, counsellor and healer Maria Veiga will take you through the patterns of resistance and denial that keep us from authentic happiness, self-expression and self-worth. Using the framework of the seven traditional energy centres, Maria shows how we fall into characteristic patterns of self-deception as we journey through life, revealing the origins of these 'lies' in experiences of infancy, adolescence and adulthood. For the first time she shows how these energy centres relate to the common issues of people in psychotherapy and to the stages of psycho-social development. The Seven Lies is for anyone who wants to understand more about themselves. Maria's deep experience and practical wisdom leads the reader on a spiritual journey towards balance, harmony and fulfilment. This is a book full of new and arresting information but, beyond that, it is also a fount of insightful and compassionate guidance from someone who has made this journey for herself.

Below we have another lovely member , also a Maria clearly very delighted as she was the lucky recipient of The Seven Lies of the Human Race by Maria Veiga.

Meet Gul below. She has a very special book in her hands. That was the book I took to the swap. Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue. I recommend this big time and if you go to amazon you will see that I reviewed this book back in Feb 2011. I purchased this especially to take to the swap !!

Lisa , look at her very closely because after JUST 7 days she will be completely changed !!

Gordon , what a character. He gave us all so many laughs during our walk earlier in the day.

Lovely Ellie. My friend from Gaunts House Community. It was a big surprise to receive a phone call from her then night before the event to say she would be in London.

Ha Ha and that is Moi  

A view of The London Eye at the end of the evening.

We are having another Book Swap on Saturday November 9th

Our next Book Swap is on Saturday November 9th !!!

Looking forward to connecting with you at one of our events , walks or socials soon

Blessings :-)


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