Thursday, 10 October 2013

London Spiritual Walking Group - For Walking , Socialising and Meditating with Spiritual Friends

We have a new sub-group just for Walking and Just for You :-). For the Walkers amongst us, perhaps you would like to get fit or shift a few pounds whilst making new friends.

We invite you to join us at London Spiritual Walkers

We don't just walk, we love to talk.  !!! I guess that goes without saying. Us spiritual folk are quite a chatty bunch to say the least.

Get some like-minded Spiritual walkers together and there is no stopping the laughter, chat and new friendships are very quickly formed.

Why the Walking Group ?

Well, Me, I have put on a few pounds too many and not in my purse, somewhere around my hips I believe and there is no better way to get fit and healthy than enjoying a walk or two.

I also love Meditation and most of our walks will incorporate Meditation and Mindful Walking.

I also Love our City and Nature too.  Having recently purchased a few books on Hidden Walks and Secret London, an Unusual Guide I though it would be perfect to discover all these wonderful places together. Expect to explore together parts of London and beyond that you never even new existed !!!
I hasten to add that I have a really crap sense of direction so no doubt part of the fun will be walking around in circles and perhaps getting lost !!! All part of the fun :-).

About the Group

The emphasis of our group is on meeting and socialising with like-minded Spiritual Friends, whilst enjoying walks around various areas of London and further afield.

If you love Spirituality and the Out Doors, you will Love our Group. A great space to connect with like-minded friends to enjoy London with.

We will always walk at a comfortable pace therefore allowing us to see and appreciate our surroundings whilst enjoying a chat along the way.

There will be times to Meditate and times to enjoy Walking in Silence. too. Mindful Walking is a new interest of mine.

Welcome to our group where we can share, grow , walk , Meditate and explore together.

There will always be opportunities to stop for a cuppa and a chat either during or after the walk.
You will be absolutely Welcome to Join us in Exploring London and further afield.

Blessings :-)



Here is the Link to Join us

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