Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bloomsbury Garden Squares Walk with Spiritual Friends ( LSEAS )

Awesome Autumn is Here !!

We are going to Celebrate with a Walk. There will be time to either take photos or just enjoy the beauty of our surroundings.

Fountain at Russell Square Gardens

This is just one of the Squares that we will visit on our walk.

Time to celebrate with an Autumn walk and together we can seek out Autumn in the City. London is filled to the brim with beautiful open spaces and squares. Let's get out there, Let's get creative and enjoy a walk and photo shoot together.

There is nothing like the beautiful garden squares that we have in London. We will have a walk in Bloomsbury and we will visit various Squares along the way, a fantastic opportunity to get our cameras out.

We will visit around 10 different squares along our walk, with time to stop for refreshments and a chat.

Squares are one of the defining features of London. Like other European cities, London has its grand civic spaces, but no other city has developed the garden square in quite the same way.

London squares are different because they were built for people to live in. The layout of Georgian and Victorian squares created an ordered, spacious arrangement of streets and leafy open spaces which has made an enduring contribution to the quality of life in London.

Today, London’s squares are a vital part of the city’s fabric: a focus for local communities, attractive to tourists, and pleasant places for Londoners in which to live, work and relax. They can also be a haven for wildlife, important links in the green chain between the city’s parks and back gardens, and occasional oases in built-up areas.

If you like bring your camera or mobile phone to capture the spirit of Autumn. To me it is the most beautiful of our Seasons.

Photography is optional. You will be most welcome to just take part in the walk and social.

We have an Autumn Photography Competition in conjunction with our Sister site Spiritual Events London & UK. ( A free of charge facebook page to advertise your spiritual events and services in the UK ) You will be welcome to submit your photos from our walk to our facebook comp.

The prize is a space on our facebook page and blog to showcase the winning photo.

I have already managed to take some great Autumn shots during my visit to Glastonbury for Autumn Equinox. Do get your cameras out before it is too late !!! It really is looking awesome out there.

Click on the link below to enter. Come on guys lets pretty up the competition page and please take time to vote on your favourite pics too.

Autumnal Blessings to you all and have a Fab Week xxx

Competition Link below and please RSVP to join us for our Photo Walk.

We are running this walk in conjunction with our Spiritual Socialising Group and on the day we will be asking for a suggested donation of just £3.00

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