Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Reiki Manual: A Training Guide for Reiki Students, Practitioners and Masters by Penelope Quest

Here is a Review that I wrote in 2011 about The Reiki Manual by Penelope Quest.

I was so impressed with this book, I wanted to share it with everyone. Now I have my blog, it seems a good place to share this once more.

My Review on

I was looking for a One Book Solution and I found it !!!

A book that will give me information on becoming a Reiki Practitioner.
A book that will give me information on becoming a Reiki Trainer.

This fits my requirements perfectly. It is through reading this book that I am gaining the confidence to set up in practice.

A perfect solution for Reiki students , practitioners and Teachers.

This is U.K published and it includes important information on U.K legislation/laws etc: obviously very useful if setting up practice here in the U.K.

I own several other Reiki titles which are all obsolete now.

I love the writing style. It is easy to follow and hard to put down (not at all what you would expect from a manual). The in depth information on Training is exactly what I need as someone who is new to training.

I will be training in the future and I have no doubt at all that with the help of this manual I will set up and run top class Reiki Training.

I will be recommending this manual to all my future students.

Thank you Penelope Quest and Kathy Roberts.

I must also say that I contacted Penelope Quest by email with a question about this title. She is an absolutely lovely lady and was very helpful indeed.

I personally believe that this is the only book that you will need on the subject.

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