Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Book Swap !!! Social , Sharing and Conversations at Southbank London with LSEAS

I Love Books, I love Spirituality so it seems perfect to combine the two loves of my life to create this event.

So here we have it, a shot of just some of the books on my shelf.

As we are here at my book shelf  I might as well mention one or two of them.

The Reiki Manual by Penelope Quest is fantastic. I don't often write book reviews but I did for this one
Eckhart Tolle - A New Earth
This one jumped out at me at a Charity Shop. I had decided NO MORE BOOKS for now as I just do not have the space !!! Popped into a charity shop doing my best to avoid the book shelves and it was in a box on the floor, staring at me !!! Calling me !!! So need I say anymore.
Isn't it incredible how Books sometimes Choose Us !!!
If you are coming along to our Book Swapping Event, we look forward to hearing about how Books Choose Us !!! I am sure many of us have something to share on this subject.
I now have to get The Power of Now because I can not possibly read A New Earth without having read The Power of Now. I have picked it up a number of times in bookshops but for some reason not purchased it. I think 'The Time is Now' and that is 'The Power of Now' !

London Spiritual Events and Socials present to you another exciting Social event.

Please get rummaging though your book shelves for any Spiritual or Self Help Books that you have read and/or are ready to part with.

I am a huge book fan and I love to Share. Books should be Shared !!! I know it's hard to part with them (especially our Spiritual ones) so if necessary take a trip to your local charity shop and find a Book that you would like to Share. It will be fun to Share and you will go home with a book that is meant especially for you !!.  Please bring a book in good condition that you would be happy to receive.

We are going to have a relaxed and chilled out afternoon for Sharing Books and Conversation, Socialising with Like-Minded Friends and time for a Cuppa.

We will have a Lucky Dip Share of our Books, in order to take part you will need to bring a book and be prepared to go home with a different one !!

I am sure it will be interesting to say the least to see which book we receive and WHY !!! Certainly a topic for conversation :-)

Expect the day to be chilled out, relaxed, interesting and with much laughter :-)

We will meet outside Action Bike Shop near Embankment and Charing Cross Station and head together to The Southbank. The Southbank provides a great space for us where we can sit together, have a cuppa and enjoy each others company.

Looking forward to connecting with you all.

Bring Yourself

Bring a Book

Some cash for a cuppa

An open mind and of course a big Wide Smile :-)

Blessings :-)

For More Information and to Book your Place
We Look forward to Connecting with you on the day. :-)



  1. Would have loved to have come to this but not mobile enough yet - out of plaster but far from mobile: - as soon as I am functioning as a human being again

  2. awwww Wishing you a Speedy Recovery Pat. If it works well then we will do another event like this X