Friday, 13 March 2015

London Gong Training Course and Gong Concert

Justin and I are in full swing organising the fabulous London gong events in May.

We have our venue for the London Gong Training Course (Workshop) which is just one stop away from Liverpool Street within easy walking distance from Bethnal Green Tube (Zone 2) which is perfect.

We already have  quite a few bookings for the workshop coming from far and wide with a few ladies travelling in from Ireland which is awesome. If you feel the workshop calling we have extended the earlybird spaces until 5th April.

The London Gong Workshop is suitable for all levels from Beginners to those who have played a little. Perhaps you have been playing for some time and  just want to experience the teachings of Don , Tom and Abby. There will be something for everyone. The London Gong teachers are Don Conreaux , Abby delSol and Tom Soltron. Don Conreaux is actually the creator of the Gong Bath, which is gaining popularity worldwide. 

For our Gong Concert we have an awesome church with acoustics that will literally blow you away! Justin took his drum along when we were last at the venue and it was awesome to hear there. We are literally just a few doors away from The Royal Albert Hall in Kensington so there should be no trouble finding us on the night. Bring friends, your mum, your granny, your cousins and your aunt as I am sure most people will really enjoy the concert. 

If you feel the calling of the Gong, perhaps you are a holistic practitioner and wish to add gong to your work or like my friend Lisa who had her first ever gong bath last month and she just can't wait for the concert and workshop to come around. It is such an amazing journey, it really is. Musicians, Healers, Artists and those who work with meditation or other spiritual fields alike often feel the gong call! with several of my artist friends having been drawn to working with the Gong just recently. Once you experience a good gong bath I think it just gets you when you see and feel the benefits.

One of the beautiful aspect of Gong that I love is the creativity that you can bring in to the sound bath, the layering of sounds and to enter that space, that healing space where you connect with your gong. This is a serious healing tool and you really do not need to be a musician at all although there is not doubt at all this is a beautiful musical instrument too.  I am so not musical and when I did my training with Sheila Whittaker in Devon I was a little worried that would be a problem especially when I heard that Sheila is a violinist and she assured me that she more or less had to forget her music training when learning gong. I now completely understand what she meant as this is really a healing tool, a vessel for channeling healing. The space you enter and connect to when playing is so beautiful and one of healing. It is also incredible to watch people leaving a gong bath, looking and feeling lighter and brighter more often than not, having relieved themselves of stress which is something we are all too familiar with. 

The workshop will really be different for everyone, some of you may come away, get exactly what you need and just fly with it whilst others may feel they want more depending on your own specific needs and what you wish to accomplish.  If you are thinking of more training in the future this will be an ideal immersion in the gong space for you to experience and feel if this is the path for you before heading for long term and more expensive training options of which there are several. I personally will be heading to Poland for 10 days for the Gong Master Training this year and I hope to do the Sound Healer training the year after. I really feel my future work will be in Sound Healing. The Sound Healing Training is a 1 year accredited course over 5 weekends. I would recommend my teacher Sheila Whittaker for that option. 

So that's my update for now. Do come along to the fabulous concert. It is going to be awesome and if you feel the call to play, come along to the gong training workshop.

Full info and Bookings over at

Full info and booking for the Weekend Gong Training in London with Gong Teachers Don Conreaux , Tom Soltron , and Abby delSol

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