Saturday, 18 October 2014

Homeless Walk with London Spiritual Events & Socials

We have just had our second homeless walk of the season (16th October 2014) and thankfully for those on the streets we are experiencing very mild temperatures for this time of year. It was a real mixture of emotions from happiness to sadness and to feeling completely helpless too.  I was joined by a beautiful team of spiritual souls on the night who trudged the streets weighed down by their socks, gloves, scarves and more much needed items. We actually came back empty handed !

I have been looking at ideas to give people a break from the streets and was keen to ask our street friends whether this would be something welcomed. The idea came from my own wwoofing adventures over the past few years. I have planted the seed of thought with a few people who I feel may benefit. Perhaps Alison, the artist may have a healthy break from the streets or maybe even more, who knows ! A lifestyle change !!  I can just visualise her in the countryside with her sketch pad , creating a sketch of a beautiful English countryside landscape and not one of a grubby central London shop window.  This could be just the start of something new and wonderful for her or Benjamin the young Italian guy I met earlier in the night. He was looking for work and had found himself living on the streets. I live in hope that maybe, just maybe we may have helped to change someone's future for the better but I do feel that we certainly gave some people a more pleasant evening, and maybe some faith in humanity.

Big Big Thanks to everyone who supported us both on the night and with their kind donations too.

We were so so very lucky to have the lovely Carmen joining us once more, enabling us to truly share the experience with you with her beautiful heartfelt words, as she so accurately describes her experience of the evening.  Carmen, I love your words of wisdom and I can't agree more where where you say "Separation is an illusion. Our true nature is Oneness. If we each remembered this there would be no such thing as homelessness.".

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