Thursday, 10 July 2014

Reiki and Energy Healing Share in London

UPDATE - First Healing Share 14th August 2014 - Book via

It brings me great delight to announce to all that we are in the process of organising our first Healing Share for Energy Healers of different healing modalities here in London.

This will be more than just a healing share as we are creating a space for healers to really connect, share and support one another on the journey with opportunities for professional development, workshops and of course Socials. Oh we love our Socials. Our Healing Shares will always carry on to a local bar/restaurant or pub for refreshments and/or snacks and some bonding amongst like minded Healer friends.

If you are a professional and/or experienced healer, this is for you.

If you are new to the healing path this is for you.

If you feel the Healing call and wish to learn more, This is for you too. I will soon be announcing Reiki training workshops with dates in be announced soon. Once you have some formal Healer training then you can join our Healing Share.

If you are a lifelong experienced Healer (such as my Mum :-)) without the piece of paper then come along too and you will be paired up with one of the organisers on the night but let us know in advance,

Regular Healing Shares are an important part of the Healers Journey. It is also really good to take care of ourselves and sit back and receive healing from one of our Healer friends.

In the busy lives that we lead, we often find ourselves giving constantly and not receiving. Now it's time for change so come along and make a space in your life for you.

You are welcome to join us at our sister meetup group where we will announce our Healing Events, Shares and Socials via our wider Spiritual Community .

What next ?
Sit back, Relax, Click on the Link to our meetup group and you will then receive information on how to join our Energy and Reiki Healing Shares as soon as dates are announced.

We will have our first date ready for August. All Healing Shares and Events will be announced via our Meetup Group

We look forward to connecting with you and walking the healing path together.

Love, Peace and Blessings xxx

Odette - Group Founder

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