Tuesday, 11 March 2014

London Spiritual Community - Being of Service & Making a difference

Helping London's Homeless and Connecting Hospices, Charities and worthy causes with Healers and Complimentary Therapists.

As a community of Heart Centred Spiritual individuals, many of us Healers and Humanitarians making a difference is something that is hugely important to us. I feel incredibly blessed that I am in a position to really do something that matters with out group. 

What makes our group and community so unique is our connectedness. We enjoy different activities together and now we are enjoying going out as a team to make a difference to peoples lives. Even if we can help one person, then that is something special, to help one beautiful soul in some way makes it all worth while. However we do have people power, or perhaps I should call it Heart Power, so many warm and beautiful beating hearts together makes for something really powerful.

We have made a start on our Homeless work and we have been on our first 'It's Cold out There' Homeless Walk where we were able to offer warm drinks, clothes , conversation and warm hearts. It was very much a fact finding walk to see how we can help. Yes, the weather is warming up now, but without a roof over your head, its a huge battle to survive the elements and there are many many things that are needed including basic toiletries, deodorant, razors things we just take for granted. Blankets to sleep on damp floors. We are by no meant finished with our homeless work and we are looking at ways to obtain much needed resources and supplies that we as a group can distribute. We have exhausted our own supplies, and that of friends and family so now we are looking at the bigger picture and we will be appealing to businesses to offer some support. We have the people power, we can get out there and help distribute but we do need a list of much needed items that can help people on the streets.

I was actually out just a few weeks ago with a group called The Kindness Offensive who distribute random acts of Kindness. We had such an amazing day, handing out toys, rucksacks and lots of tins of corn to a Hare Keishna place that helps to feed homeless people. To see the pure joy and amazement on peoples faces when you offer them something for nothing !!! It was a super day and I really enjoyed it. 

The picture below is us passing the Corn along from the Kindness bus into the Hare Krishna shop. There was a lot of corn. We were there for sometime with our human corn chain.

I believe in the power of each and every one of us, and seeing what the Kindness Offensive have achieved just proves what can be done and has actually inspired me to really make a difference with our spiritual community. We can all do incredible and amazing things. We are as big as our Hearts are :-) 

I am overjoyed to have almost stumbled upon our current project which was basically on my to do list for our service work later this year. I was setting up our new twitter account and somehow saw a plea from a Children's Hospice asking for helpers for their Mums Pampering Day. It was then that I realised that was no co-incidence and it was time to get the ball rolling. We have 2 beautiful Holistic Angels who will be offering their wonderful services to these Mums who have children in a Hospice. I can not imagine what these poor Mums are going through but to be given the chance to offer something to them is a real privilege. To help in some way is amazing and thanks to our wonderful volunteers this is a reality. I will post more information after the pampering day which is next week. Very pleased to announce that we are supporting Richard House Hospice and I hope that we can continue to do so in the future.

So that is a little catch up for you all to see what is going on in the background right now and I am pleased to say that I now have someone on board to help me with all these projects. Marta is a Healer and professional events organiser and she also has a massive heart :-) and Marta will be helping with all these projects and more. 

It is amazing how we started off really quite recently as a Social Group for Spiritual Friends and now we are a real community. It is incredibly beautiful to see how we are evolving.

Thank you to all our beautiful members for helping to make our wee little group so special with your big hearts.

Love, Peace and Blessings 

Here is the link to join our community http://www.meetup.com/London-Spiritual-Events/

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