Tuesday, 9 July 2013

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Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience
Spiritual Healers in London
Reiki and Energy Healers in London
Spiritual Mediums in London
Spiritual Explorers in London
Buddhists in London
Those who meditate in London
Tarot Readers in London
Big Hearted people in London 
Spiritual Travellers
Interested in learning more about spirituality ?

About Me

I am a trained Reiki and Spiritual Healer,  having followed a spiritual path for most of my life. 

I have also sat in a few spiritual development and mediation circles.

I have been running several groups on Facebook to help connect people interested in Reiki and Energy Healing and Spiritual Development.

I originally started the Facebook groups as I was very aware that many people on a Spiritual Path did not have the support of their friends and/or family and are in desperate need for help on this journey. The internet is a great tool for connecting like-minded people via Social Networks such as Facebook.

I now realise that it is time to take the next step on this journey and that is to create a physical community of like-minded Spiritual Friends where we can support one another, laugh, play, share and learn together.

Our first Spiritual Social  Gathering is in London on 14th July 2013. We are having a Spiritual Picnic. The event is completely FREE of charge and all you need to bring is yourself, a big smile of course and something to munch on (picnic). 

Do come along to our picnic , enjoy great conversations and meet new friends Click here to RSVP for our Picnic

We are brand new and exciting Spiritual Group in London.  It is our dream to create a real Authentic Heart Centred group where everyone is welcome, welcomed, valued and respected. We value your ideas and input to help us all create a special community.

For more information it is free to join us at http://www.meetup.com/London-Spiritual-Events/
where we will keep you informed on new events and gatherings. We also have a message board for discussions.

Love, Peace and Blessings 


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